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For over three decades now, people all over the world have been using Creative Writing to improve their lives.
Therapeutic Writing gives you the opportunity to better understand yourself. It will help you to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses, and learn how to deal with both effectively, leading you to a greater sense of empowerment and fulfilment.

Through writing, I have been able to understand where I come from, make sense of what has happened to me and what happens in everyday life, and to create a vision and a plan for where I want to go.

– Manu Rodríguez

In my experience with writing in all its many forms (cathartic and free writing, poetry, journal, articles, short stories, novels…) and in giving workshops, I have seen the power it has to help people better understand themselves, and to deal with life’s difficulties and challenges in a healthy, effective way.

Personally, I am convinced that writing has helped to protect my physical and emotional health, and it has been a constant source of growth and personal development in my life.

Manu Rodriguez

Manu Rodríguez is a Spanish published author who also writes in English. He has a MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes by Middlesex University and Metanoia Institute in London (2016) and has been researching about writing since 2001, having extensive experience running Creative and Therapeutic Writing workshops. In Spanish he has published ‘Leyendas Adolescentes (primeros cuentos de finales de siglo)’ (Castillejo, 1998), ‘Llorando palabras’ (Celya, 2005), ‘Manual de Escritura Curativa’ (Almuzara, 2010), ‘La tía que quiero pasa de mí… Y tú riéndote (Dauro, 2013) y ‘Doce historias y un secreto’ (Eride, 2015). In english he has published’ Crying Words’ (Authorhouse, 2014) and ‘Songs Waiting for a Rock Band/Canciones Esperando Banda de Rock’ (Authorhouse, 2016) which is his most recent published book.